Too Long; Didn't Read (TL;DR)

Interesting articles summarised

Have an article you’d like distilled? Send me a request!

My approach is to summarise all key actionable items so nobody else has to bother reading the article. Basically, reduce time-to-understand by paraphrasing to:

  1. :scroll: reduce time to read
  2. :confounded: reduce complexity/jargon without altering sentiment
    • :innocent: (inject my own opinions/comments, typically in nested parenthesised bullets)
  3. :page_facing_up: remove cruft/distractions (marketing, layout, fonts, …)
    • :see_no_evil: (suppress my latent desire to add a relevant xkcd comic)
  4. :heavy_check_mark::warning::stop_sign: draw attention to important things with emojis