Succeeded once; could not reproduce.

  • success & experience does not guarantee a second success
  • :stop_sign: “[existing solutions] were […] not great, but just good enough [so] our USP unique selling proposition/point
    was a nice to have and not a killer feature.” Research showed people were interested in looking for solutions, but it just wasn’t worth solving for enough potential customers
    • if there’s no marked market response to a release, drop the failed idea quickly
    • :warning: if some customers are enthusiastic it might be because of a good customer support team rather than actual product value
  • use contractors for mentoring, not development
  • cap advertising spend based on profits
  • :warning: RFCs request for comment
    /ideation: take time to draft, then sit for weeks, then revisit every few months to check for persistent relevance & more insights. Do not rush to implementation
  • :stop_sign: keep reminding about MVP minimum viable product
    definition regularly
    • Personally, I’d like to add to this… don’t let implementation ease drive product evolution