Current AI artificial intelligence
bots are “A” but not “I”.

  • output is fluent (grammar/syntax) but uninteresting (meaning)
    • structure & style: formulaic/rule-based
    • content & meaning: engaging in the context of AI, but terrible in the context of publication-worthy professional prose
  • AI is (currently) a toy or (aesthetic not epistemological) instrument to play with
    • a new interface to a pre-existing large training corpus
    • can’t replace schools or publications
  • OpenAI released ChatGPT as a demo/experiment without giving use-cases
    • does not claim accuracy, creativity, nor veracity
    • prompting ChatGPT for better response quality leads to it making excuses reminiscent of “a student [complaining] about their grade” or admitting it is wrong
  • “we are drowning in an ocean of content”, “faking it with words” and current AI is going to make it worse

personal opinions

  • humanity’s biggest intellectual problem is the overwhelming deluge of poor content (quantity over quality)
    • ergo this blog summarises/distils into high-density (quality over quantity)
  • misleading content generated by ChatGPT when asked to criticise itself:
    • lacks ability to understand complexity of language” – not true, grammar & syntax is easy for AI to grok
    • outsourcing human conversations to a machine could have detrimental side effects on our society” – not true, the far bigger problem is low-quality machine output being blindly treated as high-quality (more often than low-quality human output is treated as high-quality)
  • other legitimate use cases of current (non- AGI artificial general intelligence
    ) AI
    • :robot: responding to the worst humans: people who call emergency numbers without a real emergency deserve no better than the current equally brainless AI
    • :confounded: highlighting confusing text: if the AI’s re-explanation of your existing text (in its own words) is horribly wrong, consider rewording/simplifying your text
    • :scroll: writer’s block: horrible AI placeholder text can prompt/inspire you