“Replacing your job” is not the biggest problem with current AI artificial intelligence

  • “prompt engineering” (carefully framing AI inputs to maximise quality of outputs) might become a new “no code” human job
    • “negative prompts” can result in “AI cryptids” and help explore AI model latent space (personal opinion: related to GIGO garbage in, garbage out
  • more training data & compute resources (rather than developments in the underlying fundamental theory) is driving current AI popularity
    • current training needs an obscene amount of electricity
  • widespread unlicenced appropriation of data to train AI might fall under “fair use” laws in the US but is likely illegal in the EU
    • people whose work was “stolen” are still often happy to use the resultant AI “product”
    • (personal opinion) consuming something despite awareness of issues seems similar to unhealthy addiction
  • it’s dangerous to believe that current AI is actually intelligent (rather than a curator of pre-existing data)
  • current AI could replace even some “creative” human jobs
    • (personal opinion) such jobs were never truly “creative” to begin with
  • Data is the last frontier of colonisation
  • “Intelligence is a poor thing when it is imagined by corporations [mostly seeking] profit maximisation [of] shareholder value [at the expense of] artistic, imaginative, aesthetic and emotional expressions”
  • “We deserve better from the tools we use, the media we consume and the communities we live within”
  • “Technology is what we can learn to do”