Address what makes the product better than alternatives.

  • :zzz: don’t waste time on mundane (non- USP unique selling proposition/point
    ) features
  • :scroll: don’t be too feature-focused
  • :1st_place_medal: address value compared to competitors & alternative approaches; “why pick you?”
  • :moneybag: important for sales reps, customers, and revenue
  1. intro real problem & trade-offs of current solutions (incl. the proposed solution)
  2. context (to understand product & unique features)
  3. structure around USP unique selling proposition/point
    value, and reduce/omit explanation of non-USP values
  4. proof of value (e.g. statistics, customer references, quotes)
  5. future steps (e.g. schedule follow-up meeting, make a PoC proof of concept
    , get a quote)