Both generalist competition and specialised products are increasing.

  • entire companies can be built around task-specific cloud tech
    • apps are increasingly loosely coupled i.e. work on any cloud
    • the market is large enough for specialism
  • the underlying generalist clouds are too generic to deliver good time-to-value and value-for-money
  • companies are shifting from fear of AWS Amazon Web Services
    / GCP Google Cloud Platform
    / Azure Microsoft Azure
    competing to actively competing with them
  • examples:
    • letting front-end devs build cloud tech (e.g. JAMstack), increasingly enabled by CDNs content delivery/distribution network
      (e.g., CloudFlare)
    • AI artificial intelligence
      / ML machine learning
      -specific hardware (e.g MosaicML)
    • high-level full stack apps (e.g. Mighty chrome-fork remote desktop)